Career Opportunities

About Southwestern Ontario

Kingsville, Ontario is located along the north shore of Lake Erie. It is a community in the Essex County region. As the most southern town in Canada, Kingsville has a unique location and enjoys the warmest climate of any city in Ontario. In fact, our region is located at the same latitude as northern California.  Known for our favourable climate and productive soils, Kingsville was referred to as “Canada’s most Southern Village and SunParlour of Ontario.” This area is home to 3,000 acres of greenhouse production, including Great Northern Hydroponics.

The Great Northern Hydroponics Team

Every person at Great Northern Hydroponics is dedicated to producing the very best product for your table. With 250 full-time employees, we’re committed to a workplace characterized by a positive atmosphere, hard work, mutual respect, diversity and recognition for excellence. This focus on quality carries through all parts of our operations: growing, harvesting, packaging, shipping, engineering, maintenance, accounting, and operations. We also use automation technology that helps improve efficiencies and supports employees to focus on the job at hand.

Coming to Ontario from four different countries around the world, our international employees are paramount to our success, and we make sure to let everyone know the importance of their efforts and our appreciation for a job well done. We work hard to ensure everyone at Great Northern Hydroponics understands the importance of their role — whether through our “Rockstar of the Month” program, team-building opportunities, or company-wide celebrations, we prioritize letting everyone who works here know they make a difference.

Positions Available

We regularly have opportunities like Greenhouse Supervisor, Assistant Grower and Janitorial positions available. Please visit our jobs portal or email hr@greatnorthern.farm to find the right opportunity for you.


We recognize that having a team of dedicated and reliable people is key to our success.  We take the time to ensure our employees are engaged in what they do.  Every person and every role is important and acknowledging that is one of the reasons Great Northern is a great place to work. We offer full time, year-round employment in an environment that is safe, productive and constructive.

Upon hire, training is provided in-house to ensure each and every member of our team is made competent and well-informed of our expectations. We offer specialized training and advancement opportunities to those who show potential and who have interest in taking on new responsibilities. Benefits are offered to those with key positions within our organization. We feel it is just as rewarding for our staff to accomplish their own personal goals as it is for us to achieve our as a company. We provide a place where both of these can happen. Great Northern offers a dynamic working environment where the opportunities are endless!